Sanzaru of Power (2023)
by the WeSmellGas Collective

When we speak of where our energy comes from, what if we would not let truth die in the spiderweb of facts, but weave a web of truths? Connecting stories from the East Mediterranean region in collaboration with grassroots communities and activists, this short documentary series makes accessible an intersectional understanding of how Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels is rooted in destruction and injustice. 
Category: Documentary
Stage: Post-production
Main Producer: Anekdote
Co-Producer: WeSmellGas
Director: Jasper Luithlen
Lead Researcher: Charlotte Rose
Length: 4 Episodes, 10min each
Language: Italian, English, Arabic,
Shooting Locations: Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon

Italy: Samu, a  Sardinian farmer and activists fight for the health and land of his communities in the face of the militaries and energy companies interconnected occupation of the island.

Greece: In Eprirus, Western Greece, Stavros fights to return to his grandparents village in the face of the country’s first on-shore fossil gas drilling.

Cyprus: Young peace-building activists from the North and South of the divided island, face a confusing web of national and international interests, obstructing a shared vision for an environmentally just and united island.

Lebanon: Since the Beirut explosion in 2020, the country is in a continuous energy crisis that makes the everyday a fight for survival for many. In a climate of increasing hatred and in-fighting, Lebanese and Syrian activists in Beirut and Tripoli unite to expose the corruption and international complacency that destroys their lives. 

With love from
Brussels, Belgium