EYES WIDE X: Son (2023)
dir. Zihan Zhou

Son is film about nostalgia and family, it explores the complexity of migration as sentiment as well as process of living formation. The story is about a young Chinese dispatch in London who sets out to get a special gift to reconnected with his mother on her birthday, when a mysterious child leads him off his path and into a labyrinth of memory.
Category: Fiction, Production 
Stage: Post-production
Length: 8’
Language(s): Mandarin, English
Shooting Location(s): UK

EYES WIDE X is Anekdote’s recently launched artists in residency program supporting film makers telling stories of migration and climate change beyond the Arab-European context. We support selected artists through development, production and post-production, depending on the state of their project. If you would like to apply for EYES WIDE X program, please get in touch.

With love from
Brussels, Belgium